The Founding Mothers of Europe

The idea of this project is to show a new way of being European by illustrating and enhancing the role of the Founding Mothers of Europe. History can be told differently;  not only as a series of winners and losers, of kings, queens, battles, of wars and hate,  but also as the intertwining of peace, useful inventions, cooperation and solidarity between peoples.  It is this kind of history that we need to share; particularly in times of crisis.

This research needs a change of mentality, in order to be correctly completed: there are still many women and men who have dedicated their lives to a different way of being European. Unfortunately, we have forgotten most of them. I would like to mention also: Alexandre Marc, Denis de Rougemont, Fausta Giani Cecchini, Jacqueline De Groote, Jacqueline Nonon, Simone Weil, Umberto Serafini, Yvonne Edmond Foinant. However, the list of untold stories is long and young Europeans are invited to discover them.