Ada Rossi

"Do you think that women in power positions could be better than men? Considering how power transforms people, I am afraid that women have different shortcomings, but usually they are more serious and precise."

Ada Rossi (Baganzola, September 10 1899 – Rome, June 15 1993), Professor of Mathematics, was a fervent antifascist who supported the actions of her future husband, Ernesto Rossi, and the Movement ‘Giustizia e Libertà’. Moreover she was, together with Ursula Hirschmann, one of the ‘letter carriers’ of the island of Ventotene. In fact, she brought to the mainland the Manifesto of Ventotene and spread it especially among young students who attended her private mathematics lessons. For that reason, she was monitored by the fascist secret police and was also sent into internal exile.