Fausta Deshormes La Valle


"A new Europe arises […] Women are now aware to be European. Women of Europe – mirror of women’s initiatives and interests – has also demonstrated their commitment to the European integration process, as global project ." 

Fausta Deshormes La Valle (Naples, February 20 1927 - Rome, February 2 2013) was a journalist and an official of the European Commission. When she worked as editor in chief of ‘Giovane Europa’, a review connected with the European Youth Campaign, she met Philippe Deshormes (General Secretary of the Campaign) and they married in 1958. In 1961 she was hired in the information service of the EEC, later DG Information. In 1976, she was in charge of managing the information women office (DG Information) and in 1977 she launched the review ‘Women of Europe’, a concrete example to show how information could be used as a participatory instrument.