Louise Weiss

"I feel, at this moment, as though my experience throughout this century and my travels throughout the world were destined to culminate in my meeting with you today: I come to you as one who loves Europe and, with your forbearance, I shall try to give expression to the fears and hopes which torment and inspire our collective conscience." 

Louise Weiss (Arras, January 26 1893 - Paris, May 26 1983) was a journalist, a member of the European Parliament and a woman of strong influence. She founded the review ‘L’Europe nouvelle’ (1918),  the ‘Nouvelle Ecole de la paix’ (1930) and the Movement  ‘La femme nouvelle’ (1934).  Moreover, she travelled around Europe, writing many articles and interviewing the most famous figures of her times. Throughout all her long life – narrated in her memoirs – she continued to defend women, peace and Europe. In 1979, she opened the inaugural session of the European parliament elected, for the first time, by universal suffrage.

(Some sources affirm she was born on 25 January 1893. However, one of the most authoritative sources reports that she was born on 26 January 1893. It is a book published by the Foundation Jean Monnet for Europe. See J. LECLANT, Introduction, in FONDAZIONE JEAN MONNET POUR L’EUROPE, Louise Weiss l’Européenne, Lausanne, 1994, p. 13)