Simone Veil

"In our democratic states, women are still often discriminated against, I felt like a ‘femme alibi’ […] In this field we have still a lot to do." 

Simone Veil Jacob (Nice, July 13 1927 - Paris, June 30 2017) lived in Nice until she was deported, in March 1944, to Auschwitz and later to Bergen-Belsen. She moved to Paris, where she attended the faculty of law. In 1946, she married Antoine Veil, with whom she had three children, and in 1956 she became a magistrate. She had a brilliant career in the penitentiary sector. In 1974, Jacques Chirac appointed her minister of health, and in 1979 she was the first female president of the European parliament, elected for the first time by universal suffrage.