Sofia Corradi


"Erasmus helps to become adults. However, let me explain better: not adults in a close meaning, adults without dreams. With Erasmus, I have noticed it, students learn to dream; but also to put their dreams in the zone of ‘realizable things’. […] having done the ‘Erasmus’ improves the level of a curriculum and, additionally, is very useful in particular for women, which always need to do something more to be recognised."

Sofia Corradi (Rome, September 5 1934) was Full Professor of Lifelong Learning at the ‘Roma Tre’ public University. European students gave her the nickname ‘Erasmus Mother’ for having invented in 1969 the Erasmus Programme, which was officially launched, after 18 years, in 1987. On the 9th of May 2016, day of Europe, she was awarded the prestigious ‘Carlos v’ prize of Fundación Academia Europea de Yuste.

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