The idea

Do Founding Mothers of Europe exist? It could appear that Europe was only a male affair. Why suddenly, did those women stop their involvement in supporting peace and Europe?  Had they just fallen out of love with the idea of achieving a world without violence? Not at all, they persisted in their ‘war against war’ - or properly their ‘struggle against war’- on the margins of history.

They were, in fact, aware that neither institutions nor laws were enough to build Europe. The European ideal had to arise from the hearts of humans and not be handed down from above. While it cannot be denied that European institutions were born particularly thanks to the good deeds of the Founding Fathers, it is equally true that it would not be fair to downplay the role of women.

This research wants to encourage a new way of conceiving Europe by recounting these women’s lives and by looking for the soul and the sense of responsibility that Europe seems to have lost.

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