The Author of Portraits

There are people who, when you meet and listen to them, release an undefinable energy. When this happens, it is all too easy to fall into the trap, making the superficial blunder of being faced with someone of easy enthusiasm. But then if something remains, unwavering, for a number of days, then, there must be something else, an inner energy that endures over time and memory.

Giulia Del Vecchio is just like this. Maybe it was her classical education, or the time spent reading books on philosophy. There’s a vitality and enthusiasm when this young woman with orange hair lets her dearest passion flowing through her skilful hands. Her self-taught drawing is an unstoppable flux that rises up from deep down inside her to take the shape of digital faces - created with a graphics tablet - of the women that made Europe, although history hardly mentions them. Sophie Scholl (known as The White Rose), Simone Veil, Louise Weiss, Ursula Hirschmann (Ventotene Manifesto), Ada Rossi and Sofia Corradi seem to animate, talk and remember.

Giulia del Vecchio is working as part of the collaborative project for the exhibition, “Le madri fondatrici dell’Europa”, conceived by Maria Pia di Nonno - featured in the 2017 edition of Lazio Creativo. There is no disconnection between what Giulia feels and her drawings. There is no contradiction in the Hirschmann ideals for the realisation of an international State and its participation as a member of the federalist Youth of Europe. History is written by the winners, the strongest leave their mark on history, but being a woman was, and still is, full and fiery vitality. The feminine strength of a vibrant Anima that resolve the conflict with Animus with its ability to foresee the boundaries between nations brought down. (Maria Teresa Sammarco, Lazio Creativo 2018)